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Trust And Probate Estate Litigation

Litigation means that a dispute has arisen that may require the involvement of the court. At Martin Law Office LLC, we know that not every probate estate or trust can be administered without dispute, and we are prepared to handle such contested matters on behalf of personal representatives, trustees, family members, beneficiaries, heirs, devisees, creditors, and others.

More Than Two Decades Of Litigation Experience

Jodi S. Martin has been a litigator throughout her more than 20 years of practice and is prepared to represent clients in all aspects of litigation. She is not afraid of the courtroom. Litigation often involves briefing, discovery, negotiation, mediation, and eventually a possible hearing.

While we are prepared to take a dispute to a full hearing with the court, if needed, we also recognize that other dispute resolution tools such as negotiation and mediation often present satisfactory results without the expense of a hearing.

At Martin Law Office LLC, our primary goal is an informed client, as we recognize that tensions are high during litigation, and if the client is not well-informed then they cannot fully consider potential outcomes and make thoughtful decisions. We work to help you understand your options, the law, and the likely outcome, allowing you to make informed decisions throughout your case

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